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The department grew quickly due to an increase in crime attributed to returning Civil War veterans.

In 1865 the force was increased to 16 officers, which further increased to 23 officers in 1869.

The patrol division includes the patrol officers designated to respond to 911 calls as well as: The Evansville Police Department divides the city into three divisions, called "sectors".

These sectors are then further divided into smaller geographical areas called "beats".

Please bring suggestions on what you would like to see as future events/continuing education opportunities in the Evansville, Vincennes and Jasper areas.

The details for the event are below, and don't forget to RSVP, space is limited.

The department currently has 286 sworn police officers and serves a population of approximately 120,000.

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The east sector does not have its own office/station.Neither dogma nor error created much difficulty during the course of the first four centuries.Macedonius and his followers, the so-called Pneumatomachi, were condemned by the local Council of Alexandria (362) and by Pope St.These assignments are part-time and performed in addition to an officer's regular duties.For example, a member of the SWAT Team is typically a patrol officer who patrols the city and responds to 911 calls but will then perform SWAT Team duties when the need for the SWAT Team arises.

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