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Maybe you don’t feel Jesus’ love in the Mass; so then go more often, not less.

Maybe you ran into a priest who didn’t understand; so find one who does.

Loneliness can be the worst part: not the absence of friends, I’ve got those, but the effort of forging out a way to live in a society that constantly tells us that romantic love is anyone’s only shot at real happiness, and that celibacy (not to mention virginity! These questions are still present to me, but none of them are show-stoppers anymore.

You deal with them, you pray and seek advice, you offer up the incidental pangs, and you get on with your life.

He now lives in Massachusetts, where he works as a web developer and freelance writer.

Which is not to say that I don’t strongly identify with those parts of myself that people often conflate with being “gay.” I’m musical, I’m verbal, I’m intuitive, I have a strong aesthetic sense.

But men with SSA don’t have a monopoly on those things, and the fact that I have those characteristics doesn’t mean I belong to some special culture; it means I’m myself, and not anybody else.

How can you tell if it’s too early to sleep with a man?

And what can you do if you’ve ALREADY been physical…

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