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Bring it back by devoting a few hours to hands-on foodie fun with your little one.

Look up a cooking school in your area — you may be surprised to find how many kid-friendly classes are out there.

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It's a fun opportunity to indulge yourselves in some girl time."Women really appreciate having a place to go where they can feel that they are not weird."She's been hosting luncheons here since 1997.I attended one a few years ago, and was warily prepared for a grief fest with strangers."Lonely, sort of needy, but not wanting to need anyone because that's too scary."Rubaum-Keller offers support for women in Los Angeles, as part of an international network of "Motherless Daughters" programs Edelman launched 20 years ago.Now there are therapy groups, social groups and groups for motherless daughters all across the country.

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