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Breasts and especially the nipples are an erogenous zone on women.The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that "Middle English brest, [comes] from Old English brēost; akin to Old High German brust..., Old Irish brú [belly], [and] Russian bryukho"; the first known usage of the term was before the 12th century.At the ends of the ducts are lobules, or clusters of alveoli, where milk is produced and stored in response to hormonal signals.During pregnancy, the breast responds to a complex interaction of hormones, including estrogens, progesterone, and prolactin, that mediate the completion of its development, namely lobuloalveolar maturation, in preparation of lactation and breastfeeding.Along with their major function in providing nutrition for infants, female breasts have social and sexual characteristics.Breasts have been featured in notable ancient and modern sculpture, art, and photography.

The 2.0–4.5 mm milk ducts are immediately surrounded with dense connective tissue that support the glands.Milk exits the breast through the nipple, which is surrounded by a pigmented area of skin called the areola.The size of the areola can vary widely among women.A large number of colloquial terms for breasts are used in English, ranging from fairly polite terms to vulgar or slang.Some vulgar slang expressions may be considered to be derogatory or sexist to women.

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