Glen hansard dating

We were friends for so long before we became a couple that I don't think it's a connection that will ever be broken." The pair first met when Irglova's father was promoting a Frames tour of the Czech Republic.Irglova had been classically trained on piano from an early age but also brought up on her father's Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell records."Immediately, I was welcomed, they just put their arms around me and put a cup of tea in front of me."She fell in love with the city then, and still lives just outside Dublin.These days, she speaks perfect English with a pronounced Irish accent.There were personal repercussions for Hansard and Irglova too, as life imitated art and their off-screen relationship bloomed."You don't go through an experience like that and not come out the other side either hating each other or much closer," comments Hansard, "and me and Mar came out much, much closer.""The friendship and connection that you're watching on screen between Glen and I exists, and it did grow into a deeper love afterwards," says Irglova."The guy goes to London and ends up working on a building site with a bunch of Irish lads and becomes an alcoholic," says Hansard.

You know, the guy did a good job, and of course, he's much better looking than me, which I think is hilarious. However, he says: "I don't remember having any real connection with the creative process during The Commitments other than showing up on set at the right time and speaking my lines. It's just you and your mates and if anyone's in bad form it's not going to work, so it was a case of throwing yourself into it completely."Irglova adds: "(Once] never felt like a big film shoot, it always felt like three friends making something together.I have a feeling that was a very special and rare thing that happened."The stars must have been aligned, because Once went on to surpass all expectations at the box office."Somewhere along the line it became okay for us to become something more than friends and I guess there's a very good possibility it would have never happened had it not been for the film.We're not lovers anymore," she continues, "but we're still very close.

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