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Complicating the escalating tensions created by North Korean President Kim Jong Un’s regime on the Korean peninsula is that Trump is thinking of withdrawing from a free trade agreement with South Korea.

On Sunday, Trump also lashed out at South Korea for President Moon Jai In’s handling of negotiations over North Korea’s weapons programs, accusing him of appeasing Kim’s reclusive regime.

“I want to make people spill their coffee when they read the column,” he said.

“I do want them to go and donate, volunteer, whatever it may be, to help chip away at some of these problems.” Perhaps that is how he came to write about Long Pross, a Cambodian teenager who said she was kidnapped, beaten, tortured with electric currents, tied up, and sold in a brothel at 13, “where her brothel owner gouged out her right eye.” When the wound sprayed “blood and pus” on customers, Kristof wrote in a 2009 column, the owner “discarded” her.

Yelena Rakic, the associate curator in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, said the stele communicates in the same way we use “text and image such as …

emojis and Instagram.” The rectangular-shaped boulder is covered with inscribed symbols and images.

The others, from Iranian and Iraqi artists, were spread out in different rooms of the museum. An accompanying film series featured pieces from other artists, including Syrian Ossama Mohammed.

Mam said she had escaped rape and torture as a child sex-trafficking victim to advocate for girls like her, only to see her 14-year-old daughter kidnapped and gang-raped by human traffickers in retaliation.

“People do not know about these countries,” said Egle Zygas, a Met spokeswoman.

“So rather than sit back with information, we decided to let them know.” The Met talk featured the “Stele of Ushumgal” from Iraq, a carving representing a property transaction in Mesopotamia almost 5,000 years ago.

Responding to revelations about Mam’s deception, Kristof said in a column last week, “I wish I had never written about her.” , first in New York and Los Angeles, then in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo.* He picked up conversational Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic in his travels around the world and at home.* In 1990, he shared his first Pulitzer Prize with his wife, Sheryl Wu Dunn, for their joint Now, settled into a column, “it felt incredibly strange to be writing my opinions,” he told the Columbia students.

“I'd show my draft columns to my wife, and she’d say, ‘This opinion is pretty feeble.

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