Same last name dating

She is pretty and I think you two would make a good couple.” I replied: “I know, right? I remember I even asked this same question at the PGG Forums and PGG Facebook Fan page and I got interesting replies. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.

But I’m having second thoughts about it because we share the same surname. It would be something like “Santos-Santos nuptials”.

The daughter wore a family reunion t-shirt to the first day of the school year and my sister asked if she went to her dad's family reunion over the summer.

The girl, not thinking about it, announced that she went to her mom's.

Well, for a start it gives everyone the opportunity to joke about how you're soooo going to marry him when you go on the first date, as I found out last week ;) I think it would bother me if a guy shared my maiden name, even if I knew logically he was no relation of mine and didn't show up on the family tree, it would still be likely that we shared a great-great-great-etc-grandad at some point in the past. *laughs*My answer is kind of the opposite of ryan's.

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The ones in my age group would be my first cousins...which is far too closely related for dating, IMO.

Some women choose to keep their own surnames after marriage.

Whilst this can be a feminist statement, in other circumstances it can come down to a matter of decorum.

Especially since none of my family with my same last name lives around here.

It was odd at first, although he preferred being called "Michael" and I like "Mike.

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