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Mike Mc Kenna recalled in case Al Montoya can't backup Roberto Luongo in Winnipeg ...

Three new Panthers to make debut ag » COLUMBUS, Ohio The Panthers' trade day party came a few days early.

November 1917 class photo with teacher Eli Seitzinger, reprinted in the Robinson Argus (date unknown)., Marie Emmons, Dwight Mc Clure, Charles Chambers, Jack Chambers, Annabelle Taylor, Beulah Conover, Irene Goff, Helen Dunlap, Joy Barrett, Maxine Kimm?? 1942 class photo with teacher Bessie Harper, reprinted in the Robinson Argus (date unknown)., Vernon E Martin, Norman Goff, James Rich, Carl Rich, Valmore Parker, Don Parker, Helen Barre?? Students: Elsie Mc Intosh, Bernice Mc Intosh, Naomi Mc Carter, Norman Dunlap, Jacquelyn Garrard, Keith Inboden, Joan Inboden, Larry Surrells, Kenneth Inboden, Opal Dunlap, Kenneth Mc Carter, Naomi Garrard, Andrew Mc Intosh, harriet Borland, Richard Inboden, John Mc Carter, Mary Alice Thomas, Lawrence Mc Intosh, Wanda Parrott, Charles Garrard, Howard Cummins, Norella Dunlap, Larene Mann, Roy Surrells, George Mc Carter, Ralph Parrott, Richard Mann, Edith White.Do you know the outcome of this game, or any of the players or attendees?There seems to be a hot air baloon being filled at the back edge of the parking lot on the right, attracting a considerable crowd, and a VIP viewing stand on the right sideline.

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